Fab Five Fridays

It is late Friday but I still wanted to get my post up…We went to a basketball game and I’ve been running around like a chicken with their head cut off… I’m going to a dance with a friend  tomorrow so I wanted to work on getting accessories for the dress as well try to … More Fab Five Fridays

What’s Cooking: Pot pie, Strata, Stuffed Potatoes

So my coursework has finally taken over… I thought it would of happened later but only one week of classes and SLAMMED with assignments. Ironically I’ve only been working on one assignment ALL day… So I whipped up three new items this week… 1. Chili Beans Stuffed Potatoes – I seen a recipe about tex-mex … More What’s Cooking: Pot pie, Strata, Stuffed Potatoes

Fab Five Friday

It’s Fab Five Friday!  We are on our way to the University of Kentucky Excite night for women gymnastics, so here is the list and I will TRY to update with details when we return home. 1 – Valentine Love Notes I created which you can find on our Etsy site. 2 – Quote on … More Fab Five Friday