What’s Cooking: Breakfast Casserole

I attempted two new recipes this week… 


Pasta and Vegetable Frittata –  Came across this recipe when I was flipping through my All You recipe.  I made modifications by adding carrots, frozen spinach, and yellow peppers….For the most part it was pretty good just needed more seasoning.  I’m thinking I put TOO much spinach and that took away from the seasoning that I added – so when I make this again I now what to change.  You can get the recipe here.

Naturally, my children make the ultimate decision if the recipe is a keeper or not.  The toddler was sick so she didn’t try it but she will get to eat the leftovers tonight.  My oldest liked it (8 out of 10) and really liked the cheese topping.  She agreed it needed seasoning and less spinach.


Hash Brown Potato and Egg Bake –  Just researching online led me to this recipe by Betty Crocker.  I made it this morning and it wasn’t hard at all to make.  I did make modifications by not using Parmesan cheese and used turkey bacon and eggbeater eggs since it’s what we had on hand.  The casserole was served with biscuits and pear/apple slices.  You can review the recipe here.

Children’s thoughts — Toddler mainly ate the turkey bacon, and the oldest said it was okay (8 out of 10).  She said it was odd having the hash browns mixed in rather than to the side.  Doubt I’ll make this again based on the kiddos response as well it wasn’t a hit with my taste buds.  I did have enough for leftovers which will be great on a rushed school morning.


This coming week I start my official class schedule which has me on campus two nights out of the week  – less days for me to cook big meals.  The girls eat with their grandparents and I eat leftovers or a sandwich while in class (all depends on my mood).  The menu for the week is mapped out and I plan on attempting chicken/vegetable pot pies, tex-mex baked potatoes, something breakfast, and trial brownies for our upcoming valentine party.

What’s cooking in your house?



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