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What’s Cooking-Homemade Banana Pudding and more

These next few weeks will be intense for I have tons of assignments to complete so not sure how much new cooking will take place but I have a few new recipes to try.  For now let me show you what I whipped up these past couple of days.
Banana Pudding – I have decided that I will try to make as much as I can from scratch to limit the amount of processed foods we eat.  The pudding and the wafers were made from scratch but I still had some whip cream in the freezer so I finished it off.  I will say this was a yummy dessert and the girls really loved it which means it will probably be made once a month.

The Wafers – This is what started the decision to make more foods from scratch — we go through a box in two days which can get expensive.  So after research I found a recipe I wanted to try naturally with me using soy milk instead.  I liked them and they were bigger than what you see in the box but my oldest said they needed to be just a tad bit sweeter.  It isn’t a difficult recipe and I can guarantee these wafers will be made again just as a snack.


The Pudding – The pudding was quite easy being from scratch.. man if I knew how easy the recipe was I would of done that a LONG time ago.   I plan on trying new flavors using this as the base so stay tuned.

20130324-213607.jpgBacon/Egg/Spaghetti – Flipping through a magazine led me to this odd meal which I had to try.  Make your spaghetti then put on top a fried egg, oven bacon (I did turkey), and some seasoning.  It was an odd combination that tasted okay but doubt I will remake it.


Fresh Guacamole – I have been experimenting with ways to make this dip/spread for I LOVE it with chips or on a sandwich.  FINALLY I found the right mix and it wasn’t really anything. The picture is a mexican dip I whipped together and gotten eaten in one meal 🙂

Mexican Dip: Pinto beans (mine are cooked real beans), taco seasoning, shredded mexican cheese, sour cream

I mashed the pinto beans in a casserole dish and then mixed in the taco seasoning.  I tried to make it not fully smooth.  Sprinkle the cheese over the beans and bake till melted.  Now I did my plates individually for the girls do not like guac… for the girls it was the beans, cheese, sour cream and then lettuce/tomatoes.

Maranda’s Guacamole: 2 Roma tomatoes, Avacado, Lime, Kosher Salt

Dice up the tomatoes and mix with your scooped avocado.  Squeeze lime juice over that and sprinkle with kosher salt.

Tell me your thoughts…



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