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Fab Five Fridays

It is Friday and the last day of school for my oldest – YEAH!!  She only has a few week-long camps planned but not till later in the summer so we get to just hang out and do stuff together.  We already have a few crafts planned for the next couple of weeks and I will be thinking of places for us to go.

My oldest daughter’s school had a field trip to a local theatre which is about 10 minutes from the school so we walked.  Just so you know most of the findings were things observed while I chaperoned the field trip.


1 – Another Painted Sewer Drain – At the corner of Broadway and Short I spotted another painted sewer drain while we were walking to the theatre.  Being that I love France and speak a little French I was immediately in love with it.  Goes great with the heat we have experienced in good ole Kentucky this week.

2 – Retro Chair – On the hunt for decorations for the laundry room I saw this chair at one of the local antique malls.  It is a cute chair and the fabric makes it pop.

3 – Wall Sculpture – I see this sculpture all the time driving downtown but have never taken the picture so it was great to get it while walking with to the theatre.  It is just neat looking and in an unexpected location.

4 –  Water Sculpture – I finally got to volunteer at the Arboretum the other day, and while there came upon meditating piece.  It is in a peaceful spot to where all you hear is the water coming from the flowers.  The volunteering was fun and I got to plant one of summer beds — great way to give back to my running spot.

5 – Kentucky Theatre– So the school field trip was at the historic Kentucky Theatre which I haven’t ever been.  We were in the main theatre and the ceiling is just mesmerizing.  Even my oldest was like mom that is so cool 🙂

Hope you were able to locate some fab findings this week!



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