Moment of Truth: technology vital for degree

Let me tell you a condensed version of what happened to me in a matter of a minute:

Picture me sitting in my favorite spot on our couch – the chaise; grading and every now and then checking FB…Mouse icon freezes so I just think well must be really churning on an action… close the laptop to put load of clothes in the dryer which doesn’t happen for the dryer does not want to turn on.  Think to self well probably over heated I will come back to it later.  Return to laptop and see

Dreaded Image
Dreaded Image on the Air 

Not to wake my kiddos I say — WTF (since I try to keep this blog pg rated I am using acronyms) Now I will not bore you with the details of the various methods and discussions that I had to figure out what the deal was but my barely year old Mac Airbook has a dead internal hard drive.  

So no access to files and had to turn in graded assignments on Wed so naturally spent part of my day regrading papers on the computer in my office which is SLOWER than methuselem(sp).  Plus had to access files that were needed for my first recruitment meeting with one of the facilities for one of my research projects… Lets just say Wednesday was very hard to deal with…

On a good note my department has provided me a laptop to use until I figure out what to do regarding my Air.  Which is good for I have manuscript revisions to perform by Oct 14th, coursework to do, and design/develop an instrument for a new research project I am starting.  I have an appointment with the Apple store later today to see if they can retrieve my files for NATURALLY I haven’t done a backup in forever and have tons of articles/documents related to my research and courses on there.  If not this will be an intensely crazy next couple of days tracking down things that I do not have or recreating items.

Lesson learned — save everything on your dropbox account OR on your zip drives.



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