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Fab Five & Week before Quals

So the craziness has begun — almost one week before my qualifying exams start.  I’ve been staying up late working on items to reduce my craziness during the exams, and that is my same plan for the rest of the week.

I was able to see some Fab items so thought I would share them with you:

Fab Five 2/22/14
Fab Five 2/22/14

1 – North Lime Coffee & Donuts – I have been a fan of this donut shop for some time but thought I would show their unique logo.  They have some amazing donuts that just about everyone I know is addicted to.  If you are ever in Lexington check them out.

2 – Random Painting – I saw this in our Super Kroger and liked the abstract style of the flowers.

3 & 4 – Rooibee Red Tea & Spicy Salmon Sushi – So had a yucky morning on Wednesday and stopped by our local Kroger to get some sushi… Saw the tea was on sale which was a bonus and the guy made me a custom sushi 🙂  I had my first Rooibee when they were just starting and now they are part of a chain grocery store.

5 – Eduardo Kobra Lincoln Mural – Lexington has been blessed with some of Eduardo Kobra‘s street art!  The bright colors take a unique spin on the classic Lincoln Memorial.

Now back to assignments and washing clothes.  Have a great weekend!



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