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Motivational Monday: How Far You Have Come

Today ended my end of Spring semester mindless break. I can honestly say that the break was definitely beneficial for I was able to clear my head and realize the importance of this rewrite. Now I’m ready to begin the rewrite and tackle some research project related tasks. It also helps that I only have three weeks left before both girls will be out of school and limit the amount of time I have to work on things. Because of this I found it fitting to use this motivational quote for the day:


It is time for me to let my doubts about this redo pass and push through my fears to reach my doctoral degree dream.  I have overcome other obstacles so I know I can do this little hurdle.  It is time to stop the mindless break AND get back into studying mode.  My plan for the rewrite is to tackle one question at a time (unlike what I did) and definitely ask questions if I am stuck… As well really know the material inside-and-out.

Now I can honestly say that I will try my best to take a few mindless moments over the course of the rewrites to prevent me getting overwhelmed — for I still have movies/shows to catch up on.  🙂



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