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Motivational Monday: Use your voice

It has been an interesting start of the week with me trying to tackle personal tasks as me and the girls prep for the first day of school.  While researching potential school lunches I can make for the girls I noticed this image quote on my pinterest feed:


From the perspective of my education and personal life– I realize there have been times that I do not vocalize myself which has made matters worse… That I’ve let my own FEAR hold me back when it is quite honestly okay to not understand something or to question an action.

I was also attracted to the quote from the perspective of social change and advocacy — Change happens because people speak up rather than acting like nothing happened or matters.  You know as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized how I can’t let things happen and me not voice my thoughts.  I’ve observed that no matter how small, your voice matters and can influence change.  This is why I try to advocate for things that matter to me — my children, being a single parent, education, and poverty/homelessness.  Naturally I have other social issues I’m concerned about but these are the closest to my heart.  I’m glad that I’m involved in making a difference and that I express my opinions and I hope to do more as time and my voice allows.

The key take-away from this quote is to speak up and not act like nothing matters.. to not bite your tongue but in the proper manner express yourself.    So let me ask my readers  — do you speak up or bite your tongue?



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