Awesome way to start my 40s is with a new life journey

I got one of the best 40th birthday present on Thursday — A JOB!  That’s right folks my job search has a successful ending with an awesome job that will use my skills/education and keep me constantly busy and creative. As you know, I took a huge risk earlier in the year for I recognized my girls needed me and family is priority.

I can honestly say that I have spiritually grown these past couple of months for I’ve placed my trust in God’s provisions.  I put myself to the side and let God guide my path.  At first I had a specific job type and job locations but then I realized that I was not the one in control….I realized that every now and then you have to take a risk and step out of your “box”.  Trust me it has taken my all to remain patient these past months for a job that will allow me to provide for my girls.  There were times that I questioned if it would happen or if I made a wrong decision…but those ideas quickly left my mind.   My faith was renewed and I kept pressing on for I knew soon my blessing would come!

I would love to write more BUT I have like two weeks to get tons of personal and work-related matters in order.  I will try my best to post daily 🙂



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