6 Months in NYC

Can you believe it I have been in New York for 6 months? It does not seem that long ago that I made my announcement that I would be moving to NY to start my next life chapter.  That me and the girls would be leaving what we know in KY to explore and grow into … More 6 Months in NYC

Making Progress

It was bound to happen.. how could it not happen since we have had some extremely cold weather.  Yes I finally got sick!  It basically shut me down which thankfully the worst happened over the weekend. But I am somewhat back and ready to blog 🙂 Today’s motivational quote comes from a powerful African American … More Making Progress

Be a Dreamer

Today’s motivational quote comes from a famous African-American: Harriet Tubman.  Who knows where our history would be if she had not started the Underground Railroad…followed her dreams.  I found this quote from Insight Of The Day. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve had tons of dreams that have either come true or faded away. … More Be a Dreamer

No Ordinary Love

The worse scenario for a single mother is being sick…that was my scenario last week which prevented me from posting.  Ironically, my youngest was also sick — reckon I got the bug from her. I wanted to basely image quotes on “love” since Valentines occurs in the beginning of February.  I find today’s wisdom quote, … More No Ordinary Love