Motivation & Wisdom

Comparison Steals Joy

I can’t believe it is already Wednesday — time really does pass by when you are busy.  Today’s wisdom quote aligns with the past celebration of Mother’s Day.


I completely have a different perspective on motherhood by being a single-mother.  One thing I know is that it is best to never compare my mothering experience or actions with others.  What is meant for me is meant for me!  Yes being a single parent is difficult and can get lonely at times.  But that can happen within dual parent homes.  

I have in the past had those ‘wo is me’ moments when I would  wonderful things happening to my married moms or fellow single ability to participate in their children’s events while I worked…ability to smoothly provide for their children while I sometimes had to struggle…BUT I quickly snapped out of that!  I realized that comparing was a downward spiral and did not benefit anyone.  I changed my actions and made life goals that suit me and my daughters.

My goal in this single-parent journey is to make the most of what we are blessed with.  I look at what memories I can provide my daughters so that they do not let the negative stereotypes affect them.  I try my best to let them know they are loved and that I am always there for them. And most importantly – I recognize that I am not ‘supermom’ and make the most of what I can do and have.

If we as single parents compare our lives and parenting experiences to others — we will miss out on our blessings, the memories, and most importantly our children.  We rob ourselves of the joy that comes with our experiences of being a parent.  

Just so you know this quote is applicable to ALL aspects of your life!



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