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Journey of Un-Becoming

My Wednesday Wisdom is based on these words by Paulo Cohelo.

If you have been following me on Instagram (@marandas_world) you would know that I started working on my paper revisions again. I am finally adjusted to my job…adjusted to living in nyc…and I realize that I can’t keep playing around. It is time to focus on the phD so I can complete the journey.

Paulo’s words are fitting because my doctoral degree journey is unique. I started pursuing the degree later than most with the quality of being a single parent. I am not the first nor will I be the last single parent to work on getting their degree, but my parenting title has significantly influenced my approach.

Although I was not happy with how my pause in the degree journey happened…I am grateful that it did happen. The pause allowed me to ‘unbecome’ being a resident of Kentucky and get away from people and things that were preventing me from reaching my true potential. Specifically the pause allowed me to get away from the drama associated with being a single parent. Trust me the drama still exists BUT now there is distance and I can choose to either deal or don’t deal with it.

There is truth in that mindset of there being a ‘silver lining’ out of a bad situation.


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