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The Cost Barrier for Plastic Free Bare Essentials

In a perfect world, people would easily be able to go into a store and find plastic-free products on the shelf. Even better would be people can get the bare essential plastic-free products at a reasonable price.

But we aren’t in a perfect world — most have to go to a speciality/earth-focused retail establishment to get items like bamboo toothbrush, cleaning products, or wax wraps. And if that type of store isn’t accessible (within reason), then folks have to make their purchases via an online retailer. Now add on that our bare essential items cost more than their plastic options – isn’t that ironic.

Let’s be honest – cost is one of the major hinderances for the average person reducing their plastic usage. If someone has to choose between paying $1-$3 for dental floss or $5-$8 for silk floss (i.e., true silk floss not this greenwash products). Which do you think they are going to choose, especially right now when we have a lot of people in our society with limited income?

Some would say well you can make your own….yes that is true. But – not all of the DIY essential items are inexpensive nor accessible, and then you add on the time it takes to make them.

It shouldn’t be this way – cost should not be a barrier for someone to purchase eco-friendly essential items. People should be able to go to their local grocer, supermarket, or pharmacy retailer without questioning an eco-friendly essential item. Some major changes need to happen so that ALL have access to eco-friendly (i.e. plastic-free/sustainable) essential products.

I’m interested in what do folks think are solutions to us overcoming this barrier?

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