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Produce Packaging Gone To Far

Have you ever questioned why a store has plastic wrapped an orange?

I am currently reading How To Give Up Plastic by Will McCallum. The author states that the plastic packaging for produce prevents an additional 40% of food waste. I assume the claim is it increases the produce longevity while also protecting it. But honestly some stores take the plastic packaging to far. Additionally some of it doesn’t make any sense – like my store has started putting lettuces in a plastic sleeve, but broccoli sits out uncovered.

I learnt about two chain markets making changes on how they handle produce plastic packaging. UK Iceland Supermarkets has a #plasticnotcool campaign to promote their goal of no plastic packaging on their products by 2023. And Morrisons supermarket, also in the UK, has begun retailing some produce without plastic.

I am glad to know some produce retailers are being innovative, BUT more needs to happen. How is it we can go to a farmer’s market and for the most part not deal with plastic packaging…but the same can’t be done in the supermarkets.

What actions do you think we as the consumers can do to encourage a change? What other initiatives have you heard of in reducing produce plastic packaging?


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