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Updated EcoAction: Do You Know Your FootPrint

I personally think one can’t figure out what sustainable actions to incorporate in their life without knowing their present environmental impact. Which is why my first suggested ecoaction is to calculate at least one of your sustainability footprints.

Sustainability footprints basically measure your impact on the environment (my definition). The following image highlights some of the footprints you can calculate (know that there are additional ones for individuals and even businesses).

You can access the footprints directly via the following links.

  1. Ecological Footprint
  2. Water Footprint
  3. Plastic Footprint
  4. Food Footprint

Next Steps

I suggest that you only focus on one footprint for right now — so you don’t get overwhelmed. Once you’ve reviewed your calculations take some time to reflect on the results. Some reflection questions include – were your calculations what you expected and what small actions can you take to reduce the calculations. After reflecting then start performing the actions you thought about. I also encourage you to invite a friend/family member to join you on the action (accountability and engaging more reduction).

Additional Resources

  • Polly Barks’ Want to be more sustainable? Measure your eco-footprint! Video
  • NPR Article on Plastic Footprint and Process to Make Plastic
  • The Balance Small Business Article explaining Water Footprint


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