Open an Eco-Space in Bronx, NY

At this current time, most sustainable products and educational events happen in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  Before COVID-19, I would make monthly trips to various package-free/refill locations in the other boroughs to purchase sustainable and refillable items. COVID-19 has enhanced my awareness of the lack of accessibility for Bronx residents trying to maintain a sustainable lifestyle.  

So I am going to open an Eco-Space for all Bronx residents to increase their knowledge of and access to sustainable and refillable products. The retail aspect of the space would focus on retailing sustainable/refillable/package-free products and food items from predominantly local makers to reduce carbon emissions.  The educational aspect would include workshops such as making your own cleanser, why need to reduce plastic usage, and basic mending sessions.  It is intended to be a social enterprise business dedicating a specific percentage of the business profits back into local community initiatives focused sustainability projects and providing services to assist in the community’s reduction of items going to landfills.  Keeping with the give-back mindset, customers will be capable to perform pay-it-forward actions so that everyone is able to make sustainable lifestyle choices.

It is envisioned that the Eco-Space will launch over the course of 3 key phases.

Description of Phase I
  • Phase I:  Pop-Up Style Workshops and Retail Opportunities (Currently developing)
  • Phase II:  Opening of Permanent Location with refillable items
  • Phase III:  Addition of non-refillable food items and landfill prevention services


How Can One Assist: Check out the company’s official website and check out our current Let’s Get EcoBronx Mobile campaign.