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Beauty of Butterfly

It’s my birth month so the August motivational quotes will relate to aspects about me. Today’s quote is by the beloved Maya Angelou and features a butterfly illustration by @the_little_oak_learning (Instagram). If you didn’t know the butterfly is my favorite creature - I have a butterfly garden lower leg tattoo sleeve. I love the beauty… Continue reading Beauty of Butterfly

Life, Motivation & Wisdom

Choosing Planet Over Plastic

Today’s Plastic Free July motivational image was posted on Cove’s Instagram. Cove is focused on designing a water bottle not made of plastic - specifically made of polyhydroxyalkanoate(PHA). We all know how tricky it is to avoid plastics. In my opinion, this graphic is a subtle reminder that when you can put the planet first.… Continue reading Choosing Planet Over Plastic

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Natural Dye Logo Shirts

The family needed logo shirts to wear at at EcoBronx weekend markets. So I used vacation to experiment with natural dying. First: Bought secondhand shirts at a local Goodwill ($6 total) Second: boiled purple cabbage with salt for about an hour. While it was boiling gently washed the shirt. Third: I tied one of the… Continue reading Natural Dye Logo Shirts


Did You Know – Plastic Bags

Happy Plastic Free July! I will highlight some interesting statistics and alternatives for particular plastic items throughout the month. Today’s focus is Plastic Bags Share in the comments your favorite alternative to plastic bags OR ask a question regarding this list.

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Steps taking to protect the oceans as a small eco-business

Thought I'd conclude World Oceans Week sharing some insight on how my small eco-business (EcoBronx LLC) tries to protect the oceans. Naturally, the main way is providing our customers primarily plastic-free products. Just as in personal life, there are times that one can't avoid plastic. For example, one of the dental care products we carry… Continue reading Steps taking to protect the oceans as a small eco-business


Connection with the Ocean

This week is a pretty special one because it’s World Ocean’s week which also includes World Ocean’s Day (June 8). So going to try and focus my posts (and Instagram stories) on oceans and the importance on keeping them safe. View of Atlantic Ocean on the shores of Fire Island, NY As you know, I… Continue reading Connection with the Ocean

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Sustainable Options for Washing Clothes

I don't know about you but doing laundry is a weekly chore for my family. We transitioned to our sustainable laundry routine over the course of 2 phases. The phases, washing and then drying, aligned to when product was running low (remember to buy what/when you need). Washing was our first phase for I really… Continue reading Sustainable Options for Washing Clothes

Food Waste

3 Ways to Reduce Food Waste At Home

Did you know that about 20% of the food we purchase ends up in the trash? Here are 3 ways I reducing the amount of food wasted in our home. Eating our leftovers: We eat majority of the leftovers from the meals I cooked or from takeout. I tend to take the small portions to… Continue reading 3 Ways to Reduce Food Waste At Home