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Announcing Sustainable Self Care Mini-Course

Announcing EcoBronx’s (my business) first 2021 course - Sustainable Self Care which starts February 1 and costs $20. The self-paced course defines sustainable self-care, guides on how to make a transition to low-waste/plastic-free products, and informs participants about sustainable DIY/manufactured self-care options. To prevent participants getting overwhelmed, the lessons will be released weekly. The course… Continue reading Announcing Sustainable Self Care Mini-Course

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First NY STEM Institute

The past 2.5 days have been all about STEM education and I loved it!  I had the pleasure of participating in the 2017 NYS STEM Education Collaborative Summer Institute at Alfred State College.  I had a poster highlighting research I had conducted on the Influential Factors of URMs and STEM Degrees. I also got to listen… Continue reading First NY STEM Institute

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All About the BEs – Annual Back to School Dinner and Motto

As most know, I am focused on making memories so last year I started a new family tradition -- A Back to School Dinner!  I loved the idea of welcoming in the new school year, establishing school goals, and creating a family motto.  I never blogged about our first dinner which was so much fun… Continue reading All About the BEs – Annual Back to School Dinner and Motto

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Math & Origami: Ninja Star

It is "Tinkering Tuesday" and I will be honest -- we did no tinkering 😦  The girls swam for a big chunk of the day while I was a work and by the time we got home they were not in the mood.  Which is completely okay for I completely forgot to plan something for… Continue reading Math & Origami: Ninja Star

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Five Activities That Boost Childrens’ Technology Abilities

Do you enjoy the Fab Five Fridays?  Please take time to comment on topics you would like me to feature. Today's Fab Five Findings is focused on technology activities for children.  Some are activities I've used with the girls or on my own.  One aspect of my educational background is in Computer Science so I… Continue reading Five Activities That Boost Childrens’ Technology Abilities


How do you get an egg naked?

It is "Tinkering Tuesday" so we decided to do one of the projects I posted for my Fab Five Summer Learning Science Style. The girls were interested how to get an egg naked.  So we gathered up our supplies two containers, 16 oz of vinegar per container, and two large eggs (naturally you one per girl).… Continue reading How do you get an egg naked?


Try A Word Jar To Boost Children’s’ Vocabulary

As you know I created a special summer routine/schedule to prevent the girls from experiencing summer learning loss.  We are all participating in our library's summer reading program which will maintain or increase their reading capabilities.  Luckily both of the girls ended the school year exceeding their grade-appropriate reading levels (Big 5th and Little 1st).… Continue reading Try A Word Jar To Boost Children’s’ Vocabulary

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Fab Five Friday – Summer Learning Science Style

It's Friday -- WOOT WOOT!!  I can semi-sleep in these next two days...waking up early for swimming lessons has been a difficult task for the girls so I'm sure they will enjoy a break till next week.  And I will enjoy not having to scream for them to wake up 🙂 I'm also glad it… Continue reading Fab Five Friday – Summer Learning Science Style


Tinkering Tuesdays: Homemade Bouncy Balls

We are officially in the second week of our summer routine and the girls have been ready for Tuesday. They figured out what they wanted to make and had me buy the missing supplies over the weekend. While buying some of the supplies Big suggested a different name for Tuesdays so they are now called… Continue reading Tinkering Tuesdays: Homemade Bouncy Balls

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Words of Wisdom: Time to get back in the “doctorate” saddle

It is hard to believe it has been ages that I've written a post...I will be honest I have enjoyed my "hiatus" of just watching Netflix/Hulu/DVDs and spending time with my girls.  But the hiatus has to come to an end and I have work to is helpful that it is Back to School… Continue reading Words of Wisdom: Time to get back in the “doctorate” saddle