Fab Five

I am bringing back the Fab Fives😏   I will try to post my five favorite items for the week on Fridays – some will be themed while others random.  I so meant to post this yesterday but by the time I got home and situated I fell asleep and no waking up till morning. So … More Fab Five

All About the BEs – Annual Back to School Dinner and Motto

As most know, I am focused on making memories so last year I started a new family tradition — A Back to School Dinner!  I loved the idea of welcoming in the new school year, establishing school goals, and creating a family motto.  I never blogged about our first dinner which was so much fun … More All About the BEs – Annual Back to School Dinner and Motto

Fab Five Friday

As you know busy week but I was still able to notice some fab findings that I wanted to share with you. Day of the Dead – Majority of the images (2,4,5) come from our participation in a local Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos) celebration. We had the pleasure of getting our … More Fab Five Friday

Fab Five Friday

These next couple of days/weeks are going to be pretty intense so I will try my hardest to post but do not be surprised if I don’t 🙂 I can honestly say that I can tell the half-marathon training is helping my run pace BUT it is also putting a hurting on my legs — … More Fab Five Friday

Back To School Try It – Crayon Pencil Holder

School in Fayette County starts tomorrow! I’m part of the Parent Teacher Association for Big K’s school. Myself and the family resource center coordinator had discussed giving the teachers a gift when school started during teacher appreciation week in the spring. After doing research on Pinterest, we finally agreed on making crayon pencil holders. Most … More Back To School Try It – Crayon Pencil Holder