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Sustainable Ways to Express Your Love

It's the second day of February which means Galentine's Day and Valentine's Day are soon approaching. I don't know about you, but I typically don't do a lot of gifting for either of these holidays. I mainly celebrated it as a kid, when I was in a serious relationship, and in the early years of… Continue reading Sustainable Ways to Express Your Love

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Community EcoActions

I truly believe that it will take us all making collective efforts to ensure Mother Earth is safe for future generations. So here are a few suggestive community ecoactions we can all start performing. Create and promote an environmentally focused petition Create educational material to shareHost and/or join a local cleanup Host a environmental documentary/movie… Continue reading Community EcoActions

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Easy On The Go EcoActions

Focus for the week is EcoActions one can do on-the-go or when at work/school. I thought I’d highlight some on-the-go ecoactions first since individuals can have more control of their waste when out and about. Quite honestly, I feel the easiest one on the list is bringing your own reusable bag. I personally try to… Continue reading Easy On The Go EcoActions

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3 Ways to Reduce Junk Mail

I don’t know about you but I’m constantly getting unwanted mail - - mail for the previous owner, credit card options, and random catalogs/magazines I never requested. AKA - dreaded junk mail Did you know an average person gets about 41lbs of junk mail per year. Hmm that’s about 6 gallons of gasoline😧 I did… Continue reading 3 Ways to Reduce Junk Mail

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Updated EcoAction: Do You Know Your FootPrint

I personally think one can't figure out what sustainable actions to incorporate in their life without knowing their present environmental impact. Which is why my first suggested ecoaction is to calculate at least one of your sustainability footprints. Sustainability footprints basically measure your impact on the environment (my definition). The following image highlights some of… Continue reading Updated EcoAction: Do You Know Your FootPrint

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Natural Dye Logo Shirts

The family needed logo shirts to wear at at EcoBronx weekend markets. So I used vacation to experiment with natural dying. First: Bought secondhand shirts at a local Goodwill ($6 total) Second: boiled purple cabbage with salt for about an hour. While it was boiling gently washed the shirt. Third: I tied one of the… Continue reading Natural Dye Logo Shirts

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Sustainable Options for Washing Clothes

I don't know about you but doing laundry is a weekly chore for my family. We transitioned to our sustainable laundry routine over the course of 2 phases. The phases, washing and then drying, aligned to when product was running low (remember to buy what/when you need). Washing was our first phase for I really… Continue reading Sustainable Options for Washing Clothes

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It’s okay to not DIY

About this time last year I desired to DIY some self-care and cleaning items. My mindset was it would allow me to save some $ while also help me ensure it was a low-waste item. Naturally this was before I had two children remote learning, opened a low-waste shop, and got additional responsibilities at my… Continue reading It’s okay to not DIY

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Me and Aunt Flow

Disclaimer: The post is discussing menstruation/menstrual care. Me and Aunt Flow have had a truly intimate relationship for about 33ish years and I can say that our relationship has had it's fair share of highs and lows. You know the those moments were your either rejoicing or frustrated that Flow has decided to make a… Continue reading Me and Aunt Flow

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Self Care Perspective on low-waste living not being universal

Last year I wrote a reflective on how low-waste living isn’t always universal. I’m constantly reminded of this broad concept as I determine which sustainable self-care products I should carry in the store (in case you didn’t know I’m a fairly new owner of a low-waste shop). My hopes are to at least have 2-3… Continue reading Self Care Perspective on low-waste living not being universal