One Small Crack

These past few days have been emotionally draining for me. I seem to be slowly bouncing back from Saturday’s meltdown. So I feel Linda Poindexter’s words are quite fitting for today’s Wednesday Wisdom. Saturday was a reminder of the difficulty that arises when you are a solo parent (I like that phrase better). Something one … More One Small Crack

Your decision to try

Happy Monday! The Motivational Quote for today is I like this quote for it explains the foundation for every accomplishment – your decisions. Our decisions can either lead us to failure or success. So naturally making the decision to give something a ‘try’ means you are taking the steps to accomplish something. On a personal … More Your decision to try

Collect Moments

Every Wednesday I will try to share some words of wisdom based on my own personal experiences. About a year ago I decided that I want to start a minimalistic approach to items in my home. I had a two-fold mindset about doing this – reduce the clutter in our home and slowly let go … More Collect Moments

No Limits

Happy Monday — although for me the day is almost over! Today’s motivation is based on a random search on motivational quotes by women (in honor of Women’s History Month). ┬áBeing that my oldest wants to be an astronaut the random search worked out for it led me to some positive words by Astronaut, Mae … More No Limits