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Some of my favorite swaps

Even though I've referenced some of the low-waste and plastic-free swaps our family has made, I've never really put them in an actual list format.  So today's post is to highlight the favorite swaps our family has made. Original Product Low-Waste/Plastic-Free Swap Plastic Toothbrush Bamboo Toothbrush Tupperware containers/sandwich bags Glass Jars/tin containers Liquid soaps (includes… Continue reading Some of my favorite swaps

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Let’s Do A Challenge

I thought I would try something different this year for Lent. Rather that taking away something like sweets, I am going to continue my journey towards a low-waste lifestyle. And I would like you to join me!For the next 40 days we will take on low-waste actions specific to habits/knowledge, kitchen, and even activism. The… Continue reading Let’s Do A Challenge

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Eco-friendly purchase costs

Do you remember when you made one of your first eco-friendly items?  Being an advocate of using what you got until it runs out, my initial purchases were low-cost items (such as straws or soap).  I then transitioned to common bulk cooking items which aligned with my normal budgeted costs for food.  Finally, I came… Continue reading Eco-friendly purchase costs

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Consumers Sound the Alarm

Last week Coca-Cola sustainability lead, Bea Perez, basically said that the company wouldn't be leaving plastic bottles for consumers love the lightweight packaging to maintain the drink's bubbles. (So that I don't get reemed for my interpretation here is link to article on the statement).  Additionally, stated they would be making a bigger footprint by… Continue reading Consumers Sound the Alarm

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Non-universal aspect of low waste living

I remember when I first began looking at potential low waste swaps. My family first started off with our toiletries- our toothbrushes, dental floss, and moved onto soaps. I couldn't just buy soaps that other influencers suggested, because I have a daughter with sensitive skin and my skin type is different from another person's. Thus… Continue reading Non-universal aspect of low waste living

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The Unadaptable “No bag/straw/utensils” Complex

Imagine my family just sitting down to eat at a restaurant. Server: Hello - what can we get you for a drink. Everyone provides their drink order. Me: We don't need straws for we have our own. Server: Okay Server returns with straws either in the drink or sits straws on the table Scenarios like… Continue reading The Unadaptable “No bag/straw/utensils” Complex

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Maranda’s Weekly Ramblings

I've always been one to start my 'new year' focuses before the new year starts - so why not start the requested weekly highlights post on the last Sunday of 2019.  The plan is that every Sunday I will provide a blog post that will provide a mixture of concepts that I feel will be… Continue reading Maranda’s Weekly Ramblings