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Influence of location on farmer’s markets

I finally got to visit my traditional farmer's market in Manhattan, after a 4+ month hiatus. I had paused my trips there due to COVID and my hesitancy of riding the subway. Even though I couldn't go to Manhattan, I was able to get veggies and fruit either via delivery or at a farmer's market… Continue reading Influence of location on farmer’s markets

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What’s Cooking: Tofu Stir-fry and Apple Pancakes

While getting ready this morning I realized that I never posted a Fab Five yesterday -- my apologies -- that is what happens when you get consumed with working on conference proposals.  Might be for the best for this coming week I will be helping at a musical camp with my oldest so won't really… Continue reading What’s Cooking: Tofu Stir-fry and Apple Pancakes

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What’s Cooking and Market Goodies

We have had nonstop rain here in Lexington which is odd for the summer, but I still managed to make it to the Farmer's Market 🙂 It was as if the sun popped out just as we were heading downtown. Eggs from Triple J Farm $4 Eggplant from Silas Farms(? I think?) $1.40 White Carrots from Elmwood… Continue reading What’s Cooking and Market Goodies

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Market Goodies & Donuts & Art

Today was a busy day - reading event, market, watch an art mural being done by Herakut, fall/winter shopping, and checked out latino festival.. We checked out the Carnegie Learning Center Early Reader program (FREE) and the girls had fun.. craft, snacks, read the book, and even bring home a copy...The next one is in… Continue reading Market Goodies & Donuts & Art

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Market Goodies for August 26

I apologize for not posting these past two days BUT I had my birthday and we went to Cincinnati zoo. Woke up pretty late today for the zoo wore everyone out yesterday(tons of walking and then driving back/forth).  BUT I made it to the market and thankfully my favorite vendors were there. half-dozen eggs, sweet… Continue reading Market Goodies for August 26

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Farmers Market Chicken & Orange Beets

The featured plate today is our dinner plate where we had oven fried chicken strips, cheddar broccoli rice, and sweet orange beets.    The chicken and the beets are both part of my market goodies. I was asked to provide recipes to the foods I post so I'm giving this a shot.. Now I'm not… Continue reading Farmers Market Chicken & Orange Beets

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Market Goodies for August 11th

It's Saturday which means farmers market time! I'm going to make this a weekly post for Saturdays(while the markets are open). Today I had a mission on what I needed for I had already planned out our meals for the week (upcoming post). half-dozen eggs & variety of cherry tomatoes from Triple J Farm -… Continue reading Market Goodies for August 11th

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Family Fun and Market Trip

Today was a doozy of a day and we've been going strong since 7 am. It's Saturday which means we go to the farmers market. This is one part of my budget I can't seem to crack- like today I had taken so much with me but low and behold our favorite fresh ice cream… Continue reading Family Fun and Market Trip