Food Waste

Reframe Perspective on Waste

April is dedicated to food waste so this week's focus will be on reducing one's waste at home. I recently came across the book A Pocket Guid to Sustainable Food Shopping by Kate Bratskeir. The book's chapter on cutting back on waste provided this week's motivational quote. I personally love the opportunities when I see… Continue reading Reframe Perspective on Waste

Food Waste

Food Waste History

I recently came across Utah State's digital exhibit on food waste, while researching topics for the month. I thought I'd share some of the images and unique facts gained from perusing the exhibit. Late 1800's - early 1900's: Industrialization encouraged the concept of "factory to table" which started families wasting food and brought forth canning… Continue reading Food Waste History

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Connection between biodiversity and food waste

Today is World Environment Day with this year's theme being "Time for Nature". What a perfect coincidence that it is also Food Waste Friday for biodiversity plays a strong role in the food we eat. Specifically, biodiversity ensures the provision of our nutrition, fertilization components, and work. Taken from the World Environment Day guide -… Continue reading Connection between biodiversity and food waste

Food Waste

Food Waste Friday: Discounted Food

A few weeks back I stopped by one of our local grocers to get some oat milk. As you see in the picture (from my stories) the grocer discounted the milk to $1.99 because of the expiration date soon approaching. I went ahead and bought this milk for I knew it wouldn’t be wasted. As… Continue reading Food Waste Friday: Discounted Food

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Food Scrap Drop-offs are not

The above image was taken last Saturday when I was dropping off my weekly food scraps. You will notice there are non-eaten fruit (with stickers on) that are in perfectly good condition. I got really frustrated when I saw that people tossed what seemed perfectly good fruit. My mind started churning of how someone would… Continue reading Food Scrap Drop-offs are not

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Forget about Produce Cosmetic Standards

I use to be the person that Purchased perfect looking carrots even though they were going to be chopped up for soup Skipped over a pear for it had a small mark Easily tossed a banana for it looked like it had gone bad BUT not anymore! I am now the person that loves finding… Continue reading Forget about Produce Cosmetic Standards