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Preventing Food Waste & Plastic Packaging

It wasn't until recently that I noticed that some of my food waste prevention tactics have aided in our family's plastic packaging reduction. It's a swoop of wins! Take for instance - homemade brown sugar. Brown Sugar is a main staple in my cooking/baking for it is a great alternative to cinnamon, which my youngest… Continue reading Preventing Food Waste & Plastic Packaging

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Make an On The Go Kit

One of the easiest ways to reduce your out and about plastic and waste usage is to create an on the go kit. There are multiple items that can go in your kit, but you want to ensure you have the essentials. Container to store foodDrinking containerEating utensilsNapkinReusable bag You don’t have to make any… Continue reading Make an On The Go Kit

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Consumers Sound the Alarm

Last week Coca-Cola sustainability lead, Bea Perez, basically said that the company wouldn't be leaving plastic bottles for consumers love the lightweight packaging to maintain the drink's bubbles. (So that I don't get reemed for my interpretation here is link to article on the statement).  Additionally, stated they would be making a bigger footprint by… Continue reading Consumers Sound the Alarm