Motivation & Wisdom

Motivational Mondays – Lessons by Dr. Seuss

It’s Monday – the official beginning of the week for me (Sunday is my relaxing laidback day).  A few days ago I came across this image and fell in love with it.

LessonsByDrSeussNaturally all of the lessons are motivational but #5 stands out the most to me.  We have to treat each day as if we are making history — be impactful on everything that we do.  We all have dreams of being someone important or makes a difference so why not wake up each morning looking for the opportunity to do it – Basically becoming one step closer to fulfilling our dream.

With this being the first week of our spring semester I was definitely focused on having my space on campus organized and planning out my weekly schedule.  I desire to finish this semester with all A’s despite all three of my classes being intense courses – they will all have tons of assignments and readings.  SO my ability to juggle work, keeping home clean, classes, and the girls is critical — at the same time working on some other dreams 🙂

Have a wonderful Monday!



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