When We Love…

We all know that Sunday, June 12th around 2:00 am the United States experienced another mass shooting in Orlando, Florida.  This shooting is disheartening while serves as a reminder on how much hate our society possesses.  I’ve decided that I want to focus on Love quotes this week so today’s quote is based on words … More When We Love…


Weekdays and weekends —  I can’t be the only one that would like the order to switch… or maybe make the weekends one day longer.  It seems like I veg out on Saturday and then rush to get things done on Sunday and bam we are back at Monday🙂 Today’s motivational image quote was something … More Begin

Take time for Self

These past couple of days have been emotionally rough — I have been in a funk from missing KY and my friends/family.  I literally just vegged out and kept being moody — some of it was ole Ms. Red’s fault.  So seeing the following image quote was quite encouraging.    Every now and then we … More Take time for Self

Comparison Steals Joy

I can’t believe it is already Wednesday — time really does pass by when you are busy.  Today’s wisdom quote aligns with the past celebration of Mother’s Day. I completely have a different perspective on motherhood by being a single-mother.  One thing I know is that it is best to never compare my mothering experience … More Comparison Steals Joy

Live Your Journey

It is finals week at the college and spring break for the girls.  I am literally going non-stop with taking the girls to camp, do my work, proctor exams, and get the girls home (with some help from my sitter). Here is something for you to reflect on: