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Easy On The Go EcoActions

Focus for the week is EcoActions one can do on-the-go or when at work/school. I thought I’d highlight some on-the-go ecoactions first since individuals can have more control of their waste when out and about.

Quite honestly, I feel the easiest one on the list is bringing your own reusable bag. I personally try to always have a bag with me at all times, but bring more when I’m specifically going shopping.

For some reason, I have a harder time bringing a reusable bottle in the winter months. Maybe because I’m not thinking about water in the freezing cold 🙂 But I do have my own bottle/mug at my office that I use.

The hardest in the list is most likely — saying No Thanks. I posted about this a few years ago if you want to read my thoughts on handling this situation. For now, try to explain your reasoning so that the clerk/retailer understands the importance of reducing single use items.

Share in the comments which of these EcoActions you already perform or feel might be difficult to perform.


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