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3 Ways to Reduce Junk Mail

Picture of junk mail

I don’t know about you but I’m constantly getting unwanted mail – – mail for the previous owner, credit card options, and random catalogs/magazines I never requested. AKA – dreaded junk mail

Did you know an average person gets about 41lbs of junk mail per year. Hmm that’s about 6 gallons of gasoline😧

I did some research and thought I’d share the 3 easiest ways to reduce junk mail waste.

  1. OptOutPrescreen: This website allows an individual the ability to opt-out of credit card and insurance pre-approvals/promotions. There are two options available – complete online form for 5years of no mailings OR mail in a form to be forever free of the mailings.
  2. DMAChoice: An individual can visit this website to have their name removed from various mailing lists for 10 years. Note: there is a $3 fee associated with this request.
  3. Call the source directly: Although it can be a pain, sometimes one will just have to call the company/organization directly. When calling just state you’d like to halt/reduce the amount of mailings being sent.

One thing to remember is that it will take sometime for the junk mailing to stop/reduce. I read some sources cite it would take up to 90 days.

Share in the comments your thoughts on junk mail and the described options for reducing it.


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