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Wednesday Wisdom – Let Your Light Shine

It is amazing how sometimes it seems as if time is flying by while at other times it takes forever to pass.  This is one of those weeks where it is taking forever to pass..maybe that is just because it is hump day.

Before I discuss our wisdom for the week I wanted to inform you of some updates for the blog.  If you haven’t noticed I’ve added a new page for Giveaways and Freebies where I will provide you information on as I find it.  Right now the major thing is my FIRST giveaway — a deck of Power Thought cards


I’ve associated it with my facebook page which you can click here to enter!

Now the wisdom for the week is inspired by this image I came across


What are you most recognized for — your physical traits or your inner self?  The way you treat others and handle everyday tasks outweigh how you look.  You know people always tell us that our inner beauty is what matters but society seems to focus on the outer beauty — which is quite a contradiction.  At the end of the day, your actions will be what people remember the most about you.  I was recently at a funeral and at no time did people mention the person’s looks — the kind words were about how much she cared for others.

So the question becomes how do I let it shine?  Well you need to reflect on what your passionate about and if you advocate for them or perform actions that benefit them.   From the perspective of education, I try my best to give my all to my students and making sure they reach their own personal aha for math to where they can properly work problems.  Yes it is great to be recognized for my work but the real reward is when I see my students excel and deepen in their understanding.  I have a good friend that is focused on ending poverty and her actions are amazing — constantly keeping people informed on poverty and how they can impact it.    At the end of the day you have to do what seems best for you — be it advocating for the cause, educating others, or even giving financially.

Are you letting your light shine?



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