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Fab 5 Fridays


January 4th Fab Five Friday

With a new year comes a new aspect of the blog, something that relates to my goals for the year.  Over the week I will highlight some of the changes… One of the new weekly posts will focus on the fabulous things I noticed or participated in through the week.  Due to my desire to increase in self-love, I want to to zone in on my loves/passions and these weekly posts encourage the efforts (SMILE).

So the Fab Fives for this week include

  1. PUNCH Fitness class – Found out about this classed while reviewing my Groupons…I’ve wanted to take up boxing for a few years so I thought I’d give it a try. I’m SO glad that I did – the class was awesome and truly made me realize what body parts I need to focus on. Not to mention that I got some frustration out while I was punching the bag… The best part was today’s class was FREE! I can’t wait to register for next weeks class.. if you are local to Lexington and are interested check out their site.. bodyFit Workout Warehouse.
  2. Country Angel – Went vintage shopping the other day to get ideas and find some vintage laundry pieces for our laundry room(current room I want to decorate). I think it’s great that someone else’s trash becomes yours treasure…I LOVE the concept of angels so this darling stood out. Maybe when the next Christmas season comes I’ll learn how to make them for myself since it was paper and garden items.
  3. Cute Fake Window – Another find while vintage shopping was this display within the Miss Molly Vintage booth. They have cute items to purchase so check them out..
  4. Embroidered quote in a Frame – The vintage shopping was just amazing this week.. There was a wall of unique quotes embroidered on some fabric framed or stretched around wood. I’ve never cross-stitched BUT I want to do a quote in my laundry room and this is the perfect way to display it… so now I’m on a hunt for the right vintage fabric.
  5. Funny characters in a odd location – As I was driving into work today these two buddies were just chilling on the facilities structure.. I saw it and was like WHAT and drove back around to get the picture. It was like Elf on the Shelf out in general public watching to see how people are acting after Christmas – LOL.

I hope you enjoyed and even had your own Fab Findings for the week…

More Later



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