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Try It – Lava Lamp Experiment

Lava Lamp in Action

A few weeks ago I came across the Steve Spangler Science site and found this interesting science experiment I could help my oldest daughter perform. The site actually has tons of experiments children can try which are great for the summer to keep their science juices flowing. The Bubbling Lava Lamp experiment is easy and quite cheap to do. We already had containers in our recycling bin, vegetable oil, and food coloring at the house. I bought the alka seltzer tablets at the grocery store for $1 and we only used one packet.

Plastic vs Glass Containers

This experiment was quite fun for both of us and within the instructions it provides questions for everyone to consider.  We got adventurous and tried one in a glass jar but when we couldn’t get the lamp to work right we considered it being in a plastic bottle.   We noticed a difference between the containers — we it comes to the bubbles.

I recorded while we did the experiment and might add the videos later.. but I encourage you to try this out with your little ones first.




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