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Make an On The Go Kit

One of the easiest ways to reduce your out and about plastic and waste usage is to create an on the go kit.

There are multiple items that can go in your kit, but you want to ensure you have the essentials.

  • Container to store food
  • Drinking container
  • Eating utensils
  • Napkin
  • Reusable bag

You don’t have to make any special purchases to create your kit. Everyone should have a cup, fork, and glass jar already in their possession. Then you can take an old t-shirt to make a reusable bag, and repurpose some fabric/sheet to make a napkin. Remember to work with what you already have. Over time you can budget to purchase luxury style items like a stainless steel container. (Or you can be lucky to win or be gifted them). Straws are optional for us since we typically just drink from a glass.

You will notice that I also have chopsticks and a pouch to hold my utensils. The pouch is random pencil bag floating around that helps store everyone’s items together. The chopsticks prevent us constantly using single-use.

Do you have an on-the-go kit? What other items would be beneficial for you to add?


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